No more puppies for us!

After lots of careful thought, we’ve decided to have our lovely little Ava spayed. She’s had two litters; all healthy and with very loving homes.

Ava was spayed today (December 6, 2021) at Reber Ranch veterinary clinic – she’s doing very well. She’s not wanting to eat anything just yet but I’m glad she’s home.

She’ll be her sweet self in a couple of weeks, I’m sure.

UPDATE – Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Ava had a restful night. I was a little concerned that I couldn’t get her to drink or eat anything before we went to bed. But she slept with me peacefully. She got me up around 5 AM to go potty and Ryan made her some scrambled eggs for breakfast – she ate them all up! I was also able to get her to drink some water as well.

She stayed in my room while I worked today and slept most of the day. We were able to get her to eat some dinner and she’s now resting comfortably.

We have noticed she’s not barking like she normally does; I’m sure that’s due to her tummy being opened up. I have no doubt she’ll be back to normal before too long!